Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nomadic Second-Hand Prom

I think the point,
not that it reached
a situation reconnaissance, but
instead circled seditious destinations
in perverse heat, taking
some mistake or hangover.

Silly tricks don’t lose.

Aren’t these food stamps
a disclosure? Each one
represents something we distinguished.
The willful child insinuates
an identity, its pernicious
whiteness & insipient candor.

Shit, Melville again. This
can’t outrun the duty
along w. the decanter
of Shiraz. The remittance
of course over streams -
on YouTube a cat
walks with masking tape
struck. The URL’s lost,

but the craggy promise
of departure was tenured
from the preceding witness.
“These could be complete
sentences, unless one word,
as the syllables sounded,

ceased to make room
for the next.” Moments
when the condition won’t
vacillate –15 yr. old girls.
Commercial levity consoles, leaves

the oven. I dislike
getting a new haircut,
but somehow standing armies
negotiate methods to hang
posters over those holes.

Words do not rapt or append. Attend.

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