Monday, April 20, 2009

Difficulty in this Poem

The difficulty in some poetry is how it refers
most explicitly to itself. Imagine a room
whose purpose is to contain its possible space.
The poem’s notion is a self-actualized dream
of its creation, or simply that of its expenditure
in variance. I grow sick of what I am doing –
I continue doing it, or I stop. Do something
else. Reading some difficult poetry might require
a serendipity or humor towards circumstance,
the task of staying sober at night. This manifests
a real difficulty. That is, to arrive at such
a point without force or foreclosure. Eclipses
in Italy. Analogies may lie, since the equal sign
is itself a barrier between simultaneous zones.
Immersive quantities of opposing natures.
How do you say this using the same words twice?
There there. But you can never get there,
after a while it becomes here. Imagine the poem
as a restaurant menu – referring most directly
to itself, but in a larger capacity to a potential
meal & the restaurant. Slowly, slowly, take this
opportunity for growth economics. Learning
how to work with money in new locations.
If I didn’t leave for work right now, I might be
able to finish this poem in a single sitting, but
if I don’t show up to work, I might not have
the leisure to revise it. If I decide to do so.
The rain went through its likes & dislikes.
Comparative linguistics that ride the L train
in subsequent capacities –difficulty or difference.

I did not write this
poem in one sitting,
but instead choose
to leave for work. I
returned to it a few
days later, tho. the
ensuing revision did
not necessarily man-
ifest a better poem.
A thought on it now.
Perhaps I would
rather look at a book
than read it. I see it

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