Monday, April 20, 2009

JG Ballard, 1930 - 2009

A monumental loss.

It's very sad to see the passing of a true original. Ballard was a writer who has inspired & challenged me since I first encountered him as a high school student.

Books like the Atrocity Exhibition, Crash & the Drowned World, as well as short story collections like War Fever, stand alongside the work of Joanna Russ, Mark von Schlegall, Samuel R Delany & others as testaments to a great potentiality - of the nascent power of an uncompromising progressivism. Science Fiction is a field far too often beholden to both aesthetic and political conservatism. Ballard was one of those who pushed further.

He has exerted a tremendous pull upon my generation (those born in the 80s), as I'm sure he has upon many others. May he continue to do so.

Rest in peace.


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